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Our packaging will secure your goods during transportation and will advert your product.

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FEFCO catalogue

Fibreboard case code has been developed by FEFCO and ESBO www.fefco.org (download from our pages too from here) as an official system to substitute long and complicated verbal descriptions of fibreboard case and packaging constructions, include the code from 0200 to 0976.

Firma CELERIN addition the FEFCO catalogue uses Packedia's catalogue code http://www.packedia.com/weblite/ by DVS. It is a code higher 2000 and including other type like display box, tray, etc.

Our own constructions of packaging (our design and our client's constructions) have codes from 1200 to 19999.

When sending an inquiry or order FEFCO codes, our codes or Packedia's code may be used.



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